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Medical Laboratory

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The human being and his moral concepts, hopes, doubts, misgivings, fears, depressions and other problems of life build the center of our therapeutic work. Such problems of life are well known to all of us, but sometimes they exceed an invisible barrier where professional help becomes inevitable. Our goal is to give you best possible and available help.

A meaningful life is a basic need of every human existence. It is our aim to give you inward insight so that you can achieve a deeper understanding of yourself. The path to the self is often also the way out of the crisis. It is a difficult and painful mission. We want to accompany you and be your tower of strength.


Clinical specimens including blood, urine, and body tissues are analyzed in medical laboratories to help reach a diagnosis. This kind of testing is also known as clinical laboratory testing and gives you primary data regarding a patient’s health. This procedure is mandatory when it comes to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.  Medical laboratory testing makes it possible for medical professionals to identify possible problems early, provide the right treatment, and avoid complications.

The testing gives medical professionals precise information on a patient’s condition and how they are likely to respond to medication and therapy. Medical professionals can successfully optimize treatment in this manner.

Our Approach to Medical Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing is all about making a differential diagnosis based on the physical exam results studying the patient’s history, and family medical history, and then choosing the best tests to confirm or rule out suspected conditions or disorders. The laboratorians will work closely with the physicians to establish the right kind of tests because it is important to know which are appropriate in a particular clinical scenario. At our medical laboratory in Qatar, we do not do unnecessary laboratory testing, but only that which is necessary for our patients.

Why Choose Yasmed Medical Center for Laboratory Services?

The prime focus of Yasmed Medical Center is to provide reliable diagnostic testing by prioritizing accuracy, efficiency, and patient convenience while providing the best laboratory services. Our medical laboratory in Qatar observes strict quality control procedures while doing the testing, and their work policies and procedures guarantee the accuracy and authenticity of test results. Our accreditation from the governing medical bodies ensures the authenticity of our work too. We have invested in cutting-edge machinery and technology to guarantee precise and reliable test results even for complex and hard-to-diagnose medical conditions.

We have a team of highly qualified personnel, including scientists and laboratory technicians. Their years of expertise and knowledge of the latest diseases and conditions have made it possible for us to carry out accurate tests and interpret the results in the right manner.

Range of Medical Laboratory Tests Offered

We provide a broad spectrum of diagnostic needs, ranging from regular health screening to specialized diagnostic investigations to deliver comprehensive care for patients. Our tests include, but are not limited to:

Hematology Tests

Allergy Tests

Autoimmune Tests

Biochemistry Tests

Microbiology Tests

Molecular Diagnostics

Pathology Tests

Endocrinology Tests

Immunology and Serology Tests

Coagulation Tests

Prenatal and Newborn Screening

Toxicology Tests