Internal Medicine


Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Doctor in Qatar

Meet our Specialist Internal Medicine Doctors:

Dr.  Sufaraz and Dr. Mohammed

The internal medicine department at Parco Healthcare has very well experienced Physicians. There are facilities for general check up and screening for diseases. Basic facilities like ECG, Clinical Laboratory Services etc support the department of internal medicine.

Our Approach to Internal Medicine Care

The internal medicine doctor in Qatar at Yasmed Medical Center offers a wide range of adult healthcare services and serves as a patient’s initial point of contact. When a patient comes in with an illness or health problem, it is the internist who will direct the patient to a specialist doctor if required. If the patient’s illness can be cured with prescription medicines, over-the-counter medication, or simple lifestyle and dietary changes, the internal medicine doctor will advise the patient of the same, and guide them in the right direction.

Why Choose Yasmed Medical Center for Internal Medicine Services?

Yasmed Medical Center’s internal medicine department offers high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic treatments to patients suffering from various ailments. The doctors are qualified to treat all kinds of diseases, including complicated or multisystem disease situations. The certified and experienced physicians are trained to do regular checkups to review the medical history of the patients and screen them for potential health risks. They are also experts at diagnosing and treating all kinds of common conditions and chronic illnesses. They can guide you on how to manage the symptoms at home.

Range of Internal Medicine Services Offered

Adult patients can get a comprehensive range of treatments from our internal medicine specialist Qatar to help them identify, treat, and manage a variety of health issues. The following services are provided at Yasmed:

Wellness and Preventive Care

* Regular and scheduled checkups and health screenings

 * Vaccinations and immunizations

 * Lifestyle counseling to change habits, adopt new ones, and promote health

Identification and Management of Emerging Illnesses

Our internal medicine specialist Qatar can identify common diseases such as the common cold, flu, migraines, pneumonia, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, joint pain, etc.

Guidance on managing Long-Term chronic conditions/illnesses

* Thyroid issues and diabetes

* Blood disorders and multiple sclerosis

* Chronic kidney disease

* Heart disease and hypertension

* Pulmonary diseases, like COPD and lung cancer

* Inflammatory bowel diseases, like Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, etc.

Call now to get treated by the best internal medicine doctor in Qatar, and find your path to better health easy and life-altering.