Are clinics safe to visit?


Are clinics safe to visit?

Cant be certain how long social distancing practices and quarantine measures will continue as Doctors and nurses continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

how about all the previous unrelated to COVID-19 medical emergencies ?

Most Commonly occurring emergencies like Fever, infections, Allergies, Urinary tract infections still prevail in the community. Parco Healthcare is also equipped with diagnostic techniques in Laboratory and X-ray .

Rest assured that our medical center attends to many urgent cases including the Shahaniya branch

As a precautionary measure Consistent Cleaning and Sterilization (Fumigation) takes place in all branches

As a precautionary measure we have installed Glass partitioning at the reception and where ever deemed necessary. To curb the spread between the front line staff.

Social Distancing stickers on waiting areas and seats with support staff to make sure to attend to your personally. They coordinate the patient flow during peak hours.

We also give you the option to wait your turn in your own vehicle if that makes you comfortable.

Our Specialist doctor under the instructions and directions of the ministry of public health in Qatar are working hard towards flattening this COVID-19 curve that we must fight against together as ONE.

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